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How to Book a Course

1. Go to the course page, select the number of attendees, and click Book Now.

2. Click View Cart.

3. Paste the coupon and click Apply Coupon. You can repeat this procedure as many times as needed to offset the total cost, using unique coupon values from the list. Once the cart totals reach €0, click Proceed to Checkout.

4. Make sure to fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk and tick the Terms and Conditions. Once you are ready, click Place Order.

5. Congratulations! Your booking is complete. You will now receive the order confirmation to the billing email and participation details to each attendee’s emails. Make sure to save the date and Microsoft Teams link provided therein. We suggest adding the event to your calendar by using the .ics file attached or clicking Add to Calendar. For multiple-day events, only the first date will be shown, so make sure to save the second one.

Should you have any technical issues or other queries, feel free to contact us at