Certificate in ESG


12/03/2024, 26/03/2024, 11/04/2024, 23/04/2024, 08/05/2024 & 21/05/2024 · 09:00 – 11:15

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Hours that can be claimed: 12 CPE



Sustainability reporting requirements have been progressing at a rapid pace in line with the increased need to improve reliability of reported information.

This 12-hour CPE course, spanning across six sessions, will provide an overview ESG reporting and regulation, ESG auditing and ESG strategy development.

Session Dates:

  1. 12th March 2024
  2. 26th March 2024
  3. 11th April 2024
  4. 23rd April 2024
  5. 8th May 2024
  6. 21st May 2024

List of Speakers

Mark Wirth – Accounting & ESG Advisory Partner

John Debattista – Assurance Partner

Janis Hyzler – Assurance Leader

Neville Saliba – Financial Reporting Senior Team Leader

Mattia Dalli Bellia – ESG Researcher


Session 1: Introduction to ESG

The implementation of new ESG regulation is getting closer, emphasising the need for a comprehensive understanding of these evolving mandates. This session will delve into key regulations, including the CSRD, while providing a concise overview of important regulatory entities such as EFRAG and IAASB.

Session 2: ESRS 1 and ESRS 2

ESRS 1 General Requirements and ESRS 2 General Disclosures provide guidance for comprehensive sustainability reporting, defining the disclosure of material sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities. These cross-cutting standards have been adopted by the European Union and will be the focus of this session.

Session 3: ESRS E1-E5

Organisations that fall within the CSRD thresholds are mandated to transparently disclose their environmental endeavours, objectives and strategies aimed at minimising their environmental impact. This session encompasses all five key components of the environmental ESRSs, addressing critical areas such as climate change, pollution, water and marine resources, biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as resource use in the context of the circular economy.

Session 4: ESRS S1-S4 & G1

Organisations falling within the CSRD thresholds are also required to provide disclosures on their social and governance practices. This encompasses aspects such as the organisation’s workforce, employees within the value chain, impacted communities, consumers, end-users, and their overall business conduct. These critical aspects will be thoroughly examined during this session.

Session 5: Auditing ESG

The CSRD obliges reporting companies to obtain limited assurance from a third-party auditor. During this session, we will discuss the criteria to be fulfilled for an auditor to be able to provide assurance of sustainability reporting. We will also discuss how auditors can prepare for these requirements and how  they can conduct sustainability reporting audits effectively and efficiently.

Session 6: Creating an ESG Strategy

In today’s corporate landscape, ESG considerations are pivotal to long-term success and responsible business practices. This bonus session will provide an understanding of the knowledge and skills required to create, implement and manage effective ESG strategies that drive sustainability and stakeholder value.

These sessions will not only cover the theoretical aspects of ESG but also provide practical insights and tools for implementing ESG.

Who is it for?

This course is deigned to cater for professionals from diverse backgrounds who are eager to dive into the realm of ESG. It also provides valuable insights for organisations preparing to meet upcoming ESG reporting requirements in the coming years.

Mark Wirth

John Debattista

Janis Hyzler

Neville Saliba

Mattia Dalli Bellia

Dinahlee Delceppo

Finance & Sustainability Professional at WSC


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    12/03/2024, 26/03/2024, 11/04/2024, 23/04/2024, 08/05/2024 & 21/05/2024


    09:00 – 11:15


    Janis Hyzler, John Debattista, Mark Wirth, Neville Saliba, Mattia Bellia