Microsoft Excel for the Business: Basic and Advanced Level


05/04/2021 & 03/05/2021

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The objective of the sessions is to gain confidence and learn the capabilities of Microsoft Excel for the day to day use of Accountants, professionals and office personnel in general. Nowadays, everyone is so busy that we fail to find time to look for new efficiencies available that can make our work easier and faster.

This course can bring you insights and give you the skills to start using Microsoft Excel in a fluent way. A various amount of formulae will be covered and at the end of the session participants should be confident enough in using them in their day to day tasks. The sessions are in the form of practical workshops where participants need to practice the different functions included. The first session focuses on the basic and fundamental functions of Microsoft Excel, whilst the second session will delve into more advanced formulae. The outline of both sessions as follows:

Session 1 – Basic Level

  • Introduction and Fundamentals
  • Paste special
  • Text formulae
  • Conditional formats
  • Math & Trig
  • Checking for errors
  • Date and time
  • Data Validation

Session 2 – Advanced Level

  • IF Formula
  • Lookups (Vlookup, Hlookup and Xlookup)
  • Countif/Sumif
  • Index and Match
  • Pivot tables
  • Basic Macros

Pauline Micallef


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    05/04/2021 & 03/05/2021


    14:00 – 17:15


    Online (Microsoft Teams)


    Pauline Micallef

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    6 Professional CPE Hours