ACCA Taxation (TX/F6)


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Start Date: 03/10/2022

End Date: 23/11/2022

Duration: 48 hours

Exam Date: 06/12/2022 (session CBE)

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The main aim of ACCA Taxation (TX/F6) is to familiarise students with the core tax concepts such as income tax, corporate tax, personal tax, social security contributions, VAT and others, and to teach them how these are being applied under the Maltese laws.


Our courses are based on the workbooks by BPP Learning Media. The study material has everything you need for successful exam preparation: exercises, activities, illustrations, skill tests, mock exams, reviews, and more. Our tutors will guide you through all of the contents, answer your queries, and provide practical tips, to ensure maximum readiness.

ACCA Taxation (TX/F6) comprises the following topics:

  1. The Maltese tax system and its administration
  2. Income tax liabilities
  3. Corporate income tax liabilities
  4. Tax liabilities on the disposal of capital assets by individuals and
  5. Social security contributions
  6. Value-added tax
  7. Employability and technology skills


Day Date Time
Monday 03/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 05/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 10/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 12/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 17/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 19/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 24/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 26/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 31/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 02/11/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 07/11/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 09/11/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 14/11/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 16/11/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 21/11/2022 (mock exam) 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 23/11/2022 (recap) 17:30-20:30

Study Mode

ACCA Approved Learning Partner

MQF rated and Get Qualified approved

BPP workbook & revision kit included in course fee

Live online classes with 24/7 technical support and access to class recordings

Mock exam revision with personalised feedback

Small class numbers for instantly addressing any queries

Free usage of study pods together with free Wi-Fi and refreshments

Access to alumni networking events & career counselling

Full support throughout your learning journey

Entry Requirements

ACCA Taxation (TX/F6) is open to students who:

  • either have completed Applied Knowledge exams
  • 2 A Levels and 3 O Levels or equivalent in 5 subjects, including English and Mathematics
  • A relevant MQF 4 rated certificate and or MQF rated level 5 diploma in Accounting, Business Studies, or similar
  • A relevant degree at MQF level 6 and or MBA rated at MQF level 7

The programme is taught completely in English, so it is expected that students have a good command of the English language.


Exam Information

ACCA Taxation (TX/F6) is the so-called ‘session CBE’, meaning that you can sit for it only during sessions published by ACCA. The closest date for the above exam is Tuesday, 6th December 2022. Our tutors will guide you through the exam application procedure and share some useful tips throughout the course. To make you acquainted with the exam structure, we will hold a mock exam and revision session at the end of the course.

Funding Support

This ACCA module is approved by the Get Qualified Scheme. ZD Academy Students who complete this module successfully can claim a 70% tax refund of fee’s paid. Our administrators will guide and support you throughout this process.

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