ACCA Financial Accounting (FA/FFA)

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Start Date: 14/09/2022

End Date: 14/11/2022

Duration: 48 hours

Exam Date: flexible (on-demand CBE)

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The aim of ACCA Financial Accounting (FA/FFA) is to develop knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles and concepts relating to financial accounting and technical proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques including the preparation of basic financial statements.


ACCA Financial Accounting (FA/FFA) comprises the following modules:

A. The context and purpose of financial reporting

  • The scope and purpose of financial statements for external reporting
  • Users’ and stakeholders’ needs
  • The main elements of financial reports
  • The regulatory framework (legislation and regulation, reasons and limitations, relevance of accounting standards)
  • Duties and responsibilities of those charged with governance

B. The qualitative characteristics of financial information

  • The qualitative characteristics of financial information

C. The use of double-entry and accounting systems

  • Double-entry book-keeping principles including the maintenance of accounting records and sources of accounting information
  • Ledger accounts, books of prime entry, and journals

D. Recording transactions and events

  • Sales and purchases
  • Cash
  • Inventory
  • Tangible non-current assets
  • Depreciation
  • Intangible non-current assets and amortisation
  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Receivables and payables
  • Provisions and contingencies
  • Capital structure and finance costs

E. Preparing a trial balance

  • Trial balance
  • Correction of errors
  • Control accounts and reconciliations
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Suspense accounts

F. Preparing basic financial statements

  • Statements of financial position
  • Statements of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
  • Disclosure notes
  • Events after the reporting period
  • Statements of cash flows
  • Incomplete records

G. Preparing simple consolidated financial statements

  • Subsidiaries
  • Associates

E. Interpretation of financial statements

  • Importance and purpose of analysis of financial statements
  • Ratios
  • Analysis of financial statements


Day Date Time
Wednesday 14/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 19/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 26/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 28/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 03/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 05/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 10/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 12/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 17/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 19/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 24/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 26/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday 31/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Wednesday 02/11/2022 17:30-20:30
Monday (2hr Mock) 07/11/2022 17:30-19:30
Monday (Revision) 14/11/2022 17:30-20:30

Study Mode

ACCA Approved Learning Partner

MQF rated and Get Qualified approved

BPP workbook & revision kit included in course fee

Live online classes with 24/7 technical support and access to class recordings

Mock exam revision with personalised feedback

Small class numbers for instantly addressing any queries

Free usage of study pods together with free Wi-Fi and refreshments

Access to alumni networking events & career counselling

Full support throughout your learning journey

Entry Requirements

ACCA Financial Accounting (FA/FFA) has the following admission criteria:

  • 2 A Levels and or 3 O Levels or equivalent in 5 subjects, including English and Mathematics and or Accounting or similar
  • A B2 level of English and above
  • A relevant and accredited MQF 4 rated certificate in Accounting, Finance, Business Studies or similar
  • A relevant and accredited MQF 5 rated diploma in Accounting, Finance, Business Studies, or similar
  • Successful completion of MA-F2 and or FBT-BT
  • A relevant and accredited MQF level 6 degree in Accounting, Finance, Business studies or similar
  • A relevant and accredited MQF 7 masters in Accounting, Finance, Business studies or similar
  • Mature, Adult Learners who do not possess the requisite qualifications are kindly asked to contact the Academy on for further guidance

Exam Information

The FA/FFA exam is a two-hour computer-based examination. Questions will assess all parts of the syllabus and will test knowledge and some comprehension or application of this knowledge.

The examination will consist of two sections. Section A will contain 35 two-mark objective test questions. Section B will contain 2 fifteen-mark multi-task questions. These will test consolidations and accounts preparation. The consolidation question could include a small amount of interpretation and the accounts preparation question could be set in the context of a sole trader or a limited company.


Funding Support

This ACCA module is approved by the Get Qualified Scheme. ZD Academy Students who complete this module successfully can claim a 70% tax refund of fee’s paid. Our administrators will guide and support you throughout this process.

Closest Exam Date

December 2022 on demand CBE. For further information kindly see here; Exam timetables | ACCA Qualification | Students | ACCA Global

For a list of ACCA approved CBE exam centres in Malta kindly see here; Exam availability and booking | ACCA Global

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