ACCA Business and Technology (FBT/BT)

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Start Date: 01/09/2022

End Date: 20/10/2022

Duration: 40 hours

Exam Date: flexible (on-demand CBE)

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The ACCA Business and Technology (BT/FBT) syllabus introduces students who may not have a business background, to the business, which as an entity is made up of people and how they interact with systems from a cultural and business context. The overall goal of this module is to build a good foundation of knowledge and understanding of the business as an entity, the environment it operates in and the influencers and enablers that contribute to the development of an ethical, effective, cohesive and efficiently run business.


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ACCA Business and Technology (BT/FBT) comprises the following topics:

A. The business organisation, its stakeholders and the external environment

  • The purpose and types of business entities
  • Key stakeholder groups
  • Factors that affect a business including political, economic, legal, social, competitive and technological

B. Business organisational structure, functions and governance:

  • The formal and informal business organisation
  • Structure and design of a business
  • Organizational culture
  • Committees
  • Governance and social responsibility

C. Accounting and reporting systems, compliance, control, technology and security:

  • The Relationship between accounting and other key business functions
  • Principles of law governing audit and accounting
  • The purpose and source of internal and external financial information provided by a business
  • Financial systems, procedures and related IT applications
  • Internal controls, security, authorisation and business compliance
  • Fraud and fraudulent behaviour and prevention, including money laundering
  • The impact and application of Financial Technology (Fintech) in accountancy and reporting

D. Leading and managing individuals and teams:

  • Leadership, management and supervision
  • Recruitment and selection of employees
  • Individual and group behaviour in business organisations
  • Team formation, development and management
  • Motivating individuals and groups
  • Leading and training at work
  • Reviewing and appraising performance

E. Personal effectiveness and communication:

  • Techniques for personal effectiveness
  • Consequences of work ineffectiveness
  • Personal development and competence frameworks
  • Sources of conflict and techniques for conflict resolution and referral
  • Communication in business

F. Professional ethics in accounting and business:

  • Fundamental principles of ethical behaviour
  • The role of professional and regulatory bodies in promoting ethical and professional standards in the accountancy profession
  • Corporate codes of ethics
  • Ethical conflicts and dilemmas


Day Date Time
Thursday 01/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Tuesday 06/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Tuesday 13/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Thursday 15/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Tuesday 20/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Thursday 22/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Tuesday 27/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Thursday 29/09/2022 17:30-20:30
Tuesday 04/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Thursday 06/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Tuesday 11/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Thursday 13/10/2022 17:30-20:30
Tuesday 18/10/2022 (2hr mock exam) 17:30-19:30
Thursday 20/10/2022 (recap) 17:30-20:30

Study Mode

ACCA Approved Learning Partner

MQF rated and Get Qualified approved

BPP workbook & revision kit included in course fee

Live online classes with 24/7 technical support and access to class recordings

Mock exam revision with personalised feedback

Small class numbers for instantly addressing any queries

Free usage of study pods together with free Wi-Fi and refreshments

Access to alumni networking events & career counselling

Full support throughout your learning journey

Entry Requirements

ACCA Business and Technology (BT/FBT) has the following admission criteria:

  • 2 A Levels and or 3 O Levels or equivalent in 5 subjects, including English and Mathematics and or Accounting or similar
  • A B2 level of English and above
  • A relevant and accredited MQF 4 rated certificate in Accounting, Finance, Business Studies or similar
  • A relevant and accredited MQF 5 rated diploma in Accounting, Finance, Business Studies, or similar
  • Successful completion of MA/F2 and or FA/F3
  • A relevant and accredited MQF level 6 degree in Accounting, Finance, Business studies or similar
  • A relevant and accredited MQF 7 masters in Accounting, Finance, Business studies or similar
  • Mature, Adult Learners who do not possess the requisite qualifications are kindly asked to contact the Academy on for further guidance

Exam Information

The examination for FBT-BT is a computer-based exam (CBE). The exam can be taken at any time; these types of exams are more commonly known as ‘exams on demand’. For more information on CBE exams and how to book your CBE exam in Malta at an approved exam centre please see here; Exam availability and booking | ACCA Global

How do CBEs work?

  • Questions are displayed on a monitor
  • Candidates enter their answer directly onto the computer
  • Candidates have two hours to complete the examination
  • Candidates sitting exams on demand are provided with a Provisional Result Notification showing their results before leaving the examination room
  • The CBE Licensed Centre uploads the results to the ACCA within 72 hours
  • Candidates can check their exam status on the ACCA website by logging into myACCA


  • Instant feedback. Your result will be displayed on the screen after the exam
  • The first seven exams are on demand can be sat for at any time
  • There are no restrictions on the number of times a student can sit a CBE

Closest Exam Date

December 2022. Kindly see here for further details; Exam timetables | ACCA Qualification | Students | ACCA Global

* Check the ACCA website for further details here:

Funding Support

This ACCA module is approved by the Get Qualified Scheme. ZD Academy Students who complete this module successfully can claim a 70% tax refund of fee’s paid. Our administrators will guide and support you throughout this process.

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