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Oct 28, 2020 - Oct 28, 2020
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Course overview:

Assets such as property, plant and equipment, investments in subsidiaries, investments in associates, investments in joint ventures, investment property and goodwill need to apply the correct accounting principles in order to account for any impairment of such assets.

The core principle is that an asset within scope must not be carried in the financial statements at more than the highest amount to be recovered through its use or sale. If the carrying amount exceeds the recoverable amount, the asset is impaired.

This three-hour seminar will cover the main provisions included in IAS 36 and GAPSME Section 12 that an accountant should be aware of. Provisions will be illustrated by numerous practical examples.

Practical guidance, especially in relation to the challenges relating to the identification and accounting treatment of cash-generating units, the forecasting of expected cash flows, and the determination of fair value less costs to sell, shall also be provided.


The training course is specifically targeted to accounting professionals and students, especially those who are pursuing or intend to pursue a career in audit, accountancy or IFRS expertise.


Participants are expected to have a solid understanding of basic accounting concepts, including double entry and basic financial reporting.

Course Agenda:

  • Introduction to impairment
  • Assets versus cash generating units
  • Impairment timing issues
  • Impairment testing sequence
  • Calculating the recoverable amount
  • Measuring and recognising impairment losses


Wednesday 28th October 2020


14:00hrs – 17:15hrs

CPE Accreditation:

3 core hours


John Debattista and Paul Zammit