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Dealing With Work-Related Stress

The feeling of stress at the workplace can be caused by various factors, possibly: Difficult interpersonal work or client relationships. Time limitations. Resource limitations. Complex tasks. Risk management. A combination of the above. With healthy work relationships, the effects of stress are diminished. Rather, stress appears similarly as a storm at sea – stressful periods are prone to occur but then do pass. Remedies To...
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Accounting For Gift Cards Under IFRS 15

Posted on04 Feb 2019
When compared to IAS 18 ‘Revenue’, IFRS 15 ‘Revenue From Contracts WithCustomers’ provides more significant guidance, that can be applied to various situations retailers need to face, such as the treatment of gift cards (vouchers). The core principle of IFRS 15 is that the timing of revenue recognition depends on the timing of fulfilment of promises by the entity. In the case of goods, the...
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