Charles Vella
Indirect Taxation Senior Manager
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Current WorkZampa Debattista
Past WorkMalta VAT Department
Specialist InIndirect Taxation


A veteran of the VAT Department, Charles has vast experience in indirect taxation. He was involved at the VAT Department since the introduction of VAT in Malta in 1995 and has occupied important positions within the VAT Department including Director Legal and International Affairs. During his last years before retirement, he also served as Director General. Charles has represented the VAT Department in both local and international fora and regularly attended VAT Committee and Council Meetings. He has also participated in Fiscalis Program seminars and workshops, having also the distinction of chairing two such Fiscalis Program seminars held in Malta in 2008 and 2011 respectively. Following his retirement from the public service, Charles joined Zampa Debattista, helping to build a highly competent, experienced and proficient VAT team.