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ZD Academy offers training to professionals with a twist. What we are after is something completely different from what other CPE seminars out there provide. In fact we consider ZD Academy as more of a training course geared exclusively to providing technical excellence and high-quality content, far removed from a straight up CPE seminar.

Our roundtable workshops are geared to provide a hands-on approach, which is both practical and engaging. Through our workshops we will work through examples and engage in discussions, which will create a productive space for you to interact with the lecturer and your fellow participants.

Forget mindless powerpoint presentations, the longing for coffee breaks and the monotone, solitary voice of the speaker echoing through the deafening silence of overcrowded halls full of people checking their newsfeed. We believe in cultivation over dictation.

What we are offering is putting theory into practice by working through real-life examples. We are offering our technical knowledge and in return we simply ask that you rise up to the challenge and actively grow by exchanging your views and ideas and building relationships based on shared knowledge. We want you to be the focal point of our workshops. And we will provide all the tools for you to do so, including exclusive access to a detailed and technical workbook and notes, and the opportunity to exchange resources.

To ensure that you get the most out of it, we are targeting small groups only. We don’t believe that attending a lecture a month results in much growth, so we have created intensive programmes, happening in the span of a single week or over only a couple of months. Ours are taught courses, carefully thought out and meticulously structured by our seasoned speakers, to enable you to reach new heights in an era where specialized knowledge is key.

We do not believe in a Jack-of-all-trades philosophy. We believe in specialization, and our speakers are all highly specialized in very particular fields. We are all too aware that nowadays, procedures are becoming so increasingly complex that unless you are specialized in a specific field, you are at a very real risk of not only falling behind, but of getting it wrong – and in our line of work, getting it wrong is not an option.

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All Workshops are MIA accredited (Core) under the Accountancy Board’s CPE scheme


Alexia Psaila

Assurance Services Supervisor
Alexia Psaila joined Zampa Debattista in 2016 in the post of assurance Supervisor.
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Brandon Gatt

Indirect Taxation Assistant Manager
Brandon Gatt, a Certified Public Accountant in possession of an ACCA degree, has been in the profession for the past…
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Charles Vella

Indirect Taxation Senior Manager
A veteran of the VAT Department, Charles has vast experience in indirect taxation. He was involved at the VAT Department…
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Christabel Spiteri

Christabel is an ACCA student who has been working at Zampa Debattista for the past three years and has been…
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Janice Lyn Schembri

Assurance Supervisor
Janice is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 10 years experience in Audit and Assurance.
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John Debattista

Founding Partner at Zampa Debattista
John Debattista is a Certified Public Accountant and Registered Auditor. Prior to Zampa Debattista, John occupied the post of audit…
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Kris Bartolo

Senior Manager
Kris is a Certified Public Accountant and Registered Auditor specialising in assurance services and international financial reporting standards.
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Markita Zampa

Markita is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and has been specialising in direct taxation since…
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